My book, Preggatinis, has gotten more than its fair share of favorable mentions… and frankly, I couldn’t be more thrilled.  Below is a list of what folks had to say about my baby, as well as the people who invited me to do cocktail demos on their TV & radio shows and the famous people who sipped Preggatinis at their baby showers.  Yes, this is the page where I get to brag a bit, and make my mama proud.

Celebrity Events & Preggatini Parties:

TV Host Victoria Recano’s baby shower at Ketchup in Hollywood (see it on “Platinum Babies” on WE Channel)

Brooke & Charlie Sheen’s baby shower held at a celebrity home in Los Angeles

TV Celebrity Kendra Wilkinson – Kendra loved the Bel Bambini Bellini Preggatini™ and book which she received at the Bel Bambini VIP reception

Bel Bambini – This is a high-end baby store frequented by celebrity moms.  Natalie created the Bel Bambini Bellini which the store serves to VIP guests

Book Signing Preggatini Parties have taken place in Los Angeles,Washington DC, San Diego, Napa Valley, Indianapolis and Santa Fe

Natalie’s TV Appearances:

Miami, Florida (12/07):  “Good Morning Miami” Nonalcoholic holiday cocktails

Phoenix, Arizona (12/07):  Fox affiliate  Nonalcoholic holiday cocktails

San Francisco, California (12/07):  KRON Nonalcoholic holiday cocktails

Seattle, Washington (6/08):  Nonalcoholic summer cocktails

Rochester, New York (6/08):  morning news nonalcoholic summer cocktails

New Orleans, Louisiana (12/08): “Good Morning New Orleans”  Nonalcoholic holiday cocktails

Austin, Texas (12/08): “Good Morning Austin”  Nonalcoholic holiday cocktails segment

San Francisco, California (12/08):  KRON 4  “Heard It Through the Grapevine”  Nonalcoholic holiday cocktails

San Diego, California (4/09): “San Diego Living”  Preggatinis™ segment prior to Preggatini Book signing at Warwick’s

Grand Rapids, Michigan (6/09): morning news segment

Indianapolis, Indiana (9/09):  Fox 59 morning news segment; WISH (Channel 8) live morning news segment

Better.TV 2008:

Better.TV 2009 :


The Tasting Room with Tom Leykis (2/20)

The Tasting Room with Tom Leykis (7/09)

Martha Stewart Radio (06/09)

The Tasting Room with Tom Leykis (twice in 2008)

Blow Me Up Tom (nationally syndicated radio, 2008)

The Tasting Room with Tom Leykis Holiday Show 2008

Talk Food with Mike Colameco 2008

Magazines (Print):

Wine Enthusiast:

US Weekly

Pregnancy Magazine

Fit Pregnancy Magazine

American Way Magazine

Imbibe Magazine

The Tasting Panel Magazine

Northern Virginia Magazine


The Telegraph (Calucutta, India):

Star News:

The Washington Post

The Detroit Free Press:

The Toronto Star

The Tampa Tribune

The Standard, St. Catherine

The Sun Times, Owen

Wyoming Tribune Eagle:

The Houston Chronicle:

The Raleigh Observer:

The Olymian:

Websites & Blogs:

DailyCandy Kids:

AOL /  Digital City:


Daily Candy Kids LA:

Daily Candy Kids DC: (Celebrity Baby Blog):

Real Simple:

The Bump:

Baby Luxe Daily:

NBC Los Angeles:


The (Dallas), (LA Food Examiner):, Best Baby Shower / Parenting Guides:

Hostess With the Mostess:


The Family Groove

Hot Moms Club, Preggatinis review Best Cocktail Books of 2008 drink review (preggie provence): drink review (flossy aussie):

Family Man:

Celebutante Sisters:


Tampa Bay Online

Evite Blog:

Hotel Chatter:

Eating LA:

Haute Mama

Booze Books:

Spire Suzanne’s Files!+Special+Cocktails+to+ring+in+the+New+Year

Caroline on Crack

Spirit Me Away:

Partida Blog  (talk spirits?)

The Pegu / Tiki Blog:

LA OC Foodie:

Liquor Snob:

One Chic Mama:

Mom To Be Depot:

We Love DC

DM Flavors:

The Shower Diva:

Swanky Chicks:

My Baby Planners Blog:

Lauren Daversa Events:

Picky Eater:



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