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Amsterdam: Spring Has Sprung Behind Door 74

April 4, 2009

While much of Northern Europe remains shrouded in grey skies and chilly temperatures, the sun is spilling out into a small street from behind a nondescript entryway, in Amsterdam. Door 74, one of the continent’s newest – and one of its most notable – cocktailian watering holes has just unveiled its new spring menu.


Amsterdam: No Sweeter Fruit than Feijoa

March 19, 2009

I’ve eaten feijoada (the national dish of Brazil) in Rio de Janeiro on various visits to that city… so when I listed Sergej Fokke’s Feijoa Bar my first bar stop in Amsterdam, I guessed that it might specialize in Latin-inspired cocktails with a possible emphasis on cachaça. Silly me.


On the GoGo

January 30, 2009
It is costing me $12.95 to write this blog post. But, the novelty of blogging from 38,000 feet on an American Airlines flight between NYC and LA is worth it. (We’re currently somewhere over upstate New York.)


Libation-loving Londontown

November 28, 2007

There’s nothing like enjoying a delicacy in its native land. The sophisticated traveler gets an extra thrill from nibbling salty little pearls of caviar in Moscow; indulging in still-wiggling, practically dripping-with-seawater sushi in Tokyo; and sipping a little bubbly amid vine-laden fields in the north of France. So, would it be a surprise for thirsty globetrotters flock to London to sample the latest trends in cutting-edge bartending?