What’s a Preggatini?

A Preggatini(TM) is a nonalcoholic cocktail designed with the mom-to-be in mind.  I prefer to call these drinks “nonalcoholic cocktails” rather than “mocktails” because I put the same amount of thought and effort into creating a balanced drink without liquor as I do one with it… although you are welcome to use whichever term you prefer — tom-ay-to, tom-ah-to.  

Preggatinis(TM) are made from freshly squeezed juices, muddled seasonal fruits, fresh herbs – organic whenever possible.  Sometimes I incorporate alcohol-removed wines, exotic ingredients and homemade syrups in the drinks for more variety.  Preggatinis(TM) can be shaken with ice, served in fancy stemware and beautifully garnished.  Anyone can drink a Preggatini(TM) – pregnant or not, male or female, abstaining from alcohol for a day or a lifetime – and still feel like a grown up.  My goal is to include everyone in the fun.  


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