US Weekly: Brooke & Charlie Sheen’s Preggatini™ Party

As seen in the March 16, 2009 edition of US Weekly, the Sheens and their celebrity guests enjoyed Preggatinis at their fabulous celebrity-studded baby shower at a fancy private home in the Hollywood Hills.

Pulling up to the driveway, my team marveled at how the house resembled a luxury hotel more than a single family residence, and the sprawling backyard could almost rival the length of a soccer field.

Staff buzzed around for hours setting up picnic tables for the kids, plating hors d’oeuvres for the adults and at the bar, my crew was preparing the Preggatinis! The party included face painting, a bubble room, Wii games, a frozen yogurt station and a parade of A-List party guests. Big sisters-to-be Sammie and Lola Sheen had a blast, and other well-dressed tots teetered around with cupcakes in their hands and big smiles on their frosting-covered little faces.

Hollywood has been very receptive to the Preggatini concept, and the Sheen party was no exception. Even the non-preggie guests drank them, including: Martin Sheen (who had 3 Preggie Provences!), Emilio Esteves, Erik Dane, Christine Taylor, Marla Maples, Jon Cryer, and Cathy and Paris Hilton.

Congrats to Brooke and Charlie and the baby boys who will soon be the next generation of Sheen brothers…

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