ONE Healthy & Delicious Drink

Every once in a while, even the most ardent cocktail lover reaches for a thirst quenching, healthy, nonalcoholic beverage. Water is great but can be a bit, well, dull. Ice tea is fine but kind of blah. Sodas don’t hold much interest to a more refined adult palate. What to do?

Why not pack an 11-ounce single serving of Coconut Water in your gym bag? Or add a carton of Cashew Juice to your lunch? Perhaps, some antioxidant-rich Açai Juice, or a little sip of
Coffee Berry will tickle your fancy? Each of these is available to you from ONE beverages, a healthful alternative for the thirsty-yet- environmentally-conscious consumer.

ONE was started in 2005, and has a lot of things going for it. Besides intriguing (and tasty) pre-packaged drinks, ONE supports the Brazil Foundation (committed to preserving the Rain Forest) and Healthy Child Healthy World (dedicated to protecting children from harmful environmental exposures).

Additionally, ONE has an eye toward renewability and conserving fossil fuels by packaging the drinks in paperboard, whose wood fibers (accounting for about 70% of the Tetra Pak carton) come from responsibly managed forests. (Each tree cut down for use is replaced with a new one.) And, of course, they are recyclable.

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