Nine Months, and Counting…

A Special Delivery!

Oh, don’t be crazy – I’m not pregnant (yet, anyway).

I just closed a two-book deal! And, the first of those long-awaited twins is my baby, Preggatinis (TM).

Yes, finally, after much chitter-chatter, crossed fingers and hopeful thoughts, Preggatinis (TM) sold two days before Thanksgiving – and is due Fall 2008. (which just happens to be a bit over 9 months away…)

I’ll soon be nesting in my kitchen, whipping up “non-alcoholic cocktails for the stylish mom-to-be.” I’ll also be locked down in front of my computer, typing up the recipes like a mad woman. So, if you don’t see me on my usual boozy circuit, its because I’m incubating an intoxicatingly fun new project!



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