Welcome to Preggatinis!

This is an off-shoot of my popular cocktail blog, The Liquid Muse. I have so many stylish pregnant cocktail-loving friends, I don’t want to leave them out of the Sipster fun!

What is a Preggatini(tm),? It is a specialty cocktail, designed by The Liquid Muse Virgin Mixology. A typical Preggatini(tm) is:

– in tune with the latest cocktail trends
– created to be a healthful, delicious, non-alcoholic libation
– non-alcoholic
– made with fresh ingredients (organic whenever possible)
– easy to make
– fun to drink
– perfect for baby showers (aka: Preggatini Parties(tm))!!!

If you, your friend, wife or family member is pregnant, check back often, or subscribe to my feed. The lady with the bun in the oven can still have a pretty concoction in her hand. And, stay tuned for updates on my upcoming cocktail book, which has a little something for everyone – epecially pregnant ladies!!

*If you have any reservations about drinking Preggatinis(tm) while Pregnant, please check with your doctor, first!


2 Responses to “Welcome to Preggatinis!”

  1. DC Celine Says:

    In case anyone’s wondering, The Muse’s non-alcoholic concoctions are as to-die-for as her boozy ones…take it from one with an “inhabited uterus.”

  2. Ann Says:

    Known as “auntie no-more-sauce” since finding out we were expecting… your recipes for fun drinks are AWESOME! What a wonderful idea. Preggatinies… ingenious!

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